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Your organization is unique, so don't settle for a one-size-fits-all solution. Oaktree Media has experience working with groups of all shapes and sizes designing personalized solutions to meet each groups' goals and needs. We offer website design and development, user experience research and design, social media strategies, product design, content marketing, mobile design, and branding expertise - everything your organization needs to succeed.

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Oaktree Media is led by Kelly Smith, a full stack designer with over 15 years expertise across the board. Kelly has worked with small and medium business, non-profits, charitable organizations, and community groups to help them improve their overall communications based on their goals and brand. Kelly is currently located in Guelph, Ontario.

Recent Work

The Communications Distillery


Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition

Guelph Academy of Dance

DART of Waterloo Region

Municipal Waste

Huron DART

Perfect Pallets Post Press

Transition Guelph

Music Lives

What Oaktree Can Do For You

  • Web Design and Development

    (18 years experience)

  • Graphic Design and Layout

    (18 years experience)

  • Software and User Experience Design

    (15 years experience)

  • Market Research and Web Analytics

    (15 years experience)

  • Social Media Management

    (10 years experience)

  • Mobile First

    (10 years experience)

  • Strategic Communications Planning and Execution

    (10 years experience)

  • Content Marketing, Blogging, and Copywriting

    (10 years experience)

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